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Winter Impressions Winter Picture Slideshow YouTube

I just uploaded my very first slideshow to YouTube - Winter Impressions - a mix of my winter pictures from several different countries.

Beautiful Ice Fringed Waterfall Fall Winter Cascading

I'm very happy today to announce that I just uploaded my first online slide-show to YouTube. We called it "Winter Impressions" and it is a 3.30 minute slide-show with some of my winter pictures from several countries. "Winter Impressions" is the first slide-show with many more to come. I'm already working on the next 5 slide-shows at this stage. I want to point out that Daniel Kitzig composed the music especially for this slide-show. Daniel is a young, talented composer and I'm looking forward to do more "stuff" with him - please let me know what you think!

I told you many times that I have some really exciting things in my pipeline and I'm very excited that I'm slowly in the position to roll them out, this winter picture slide-show is the start of it.. 

Before I moved from Germany to Canada, I was showing public slide/movie-shows for over 20 years. Just in my last season over 150,000 people were visiting my shows. It was a very exciting and even more a exhausting time, but being live on stage basically every night during my tours I must say that I had lots of fun with my visitors but it came to a point where I probably was getting very close to a heart attack - on my last tour I had 120 shows within 4 months! On weekends mostly 2-3 a day, the stress was slowly "killing" me.

Now, a few years later I sure miss that time but still know that it was the right decision to stop. My passion for slide/movie-shows is still here and I hope you like my first one - "Winter Impressions".

Subscribe to my YouTube content and you will know first when my next project is online. Please let me know what you think about the slideshow, I want to improve them but need your feedback first - thanks for watching!

Winter Impressions - A selection of beautiful winter pictures from several countries.




Author: Rolf Hicker - 2011-01-27
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