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Whats the fuzz about photo themes lists on Google+

Tears and laughter were close last week for me on G+. So what is all the fuzz about those photo theme list on G+?

single tree in snow field

Single tree in snowfield - Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Wow and autsch, what a busy last week on Google+. It was a great week, exciting but on the other side also a little bit disapointing and bitter.

On one side I "met" so many great new people, got so many amazing nice comments, that it made me spending more time on G+ than I could or should afford right now. But it was worth it, it seemed like I touched a lot of people with my photos and shares and that is one of the big reason why I became a photographer - of course beside the fact that I have to feed my family with my pictures too. I'm still absolutely blown away from G+ how great it is for photographers - there are plenty enough posts out everyday to tell you why and how G+ is especially great for photographers. It was only my second week on Google+ and more then 6400 people circled me so far - I know it is not a lot for some out there but for me personally it is amazing. That means that 457 people per day circled me in average.

Thanks so much to all of you which circled me - YOU are the ones keeping me going!

One of the nicest comments I received was from Angelika Marianne Sarkiler from Berlin, Germany today - roughly translated she said:

"Your pictures are eye candy, they are so nice that one wants to walk right into them, better with a picnick basket so one can enjoy the area even more"

That one sure made my day today, that comment touched me a lot - thanks Angelika!

But what is all the fuzz about the photo themes on google and those lists?

Ohhh gosh - I thought somebody is coming to kill me this week. Why? Well, because I started a list for ALL google+ photo themes. I never thought it would be such a big, major deal when I publsihed it.

Let me explain - there are a couple of lists out which are existing for some time. So when I started one of my (very successful) photo themes I contacted the author of the list and ask him to include me. Well, my first theme was to broad he said. Ok, fair enough, so I started a second one which was not as wide - well, it wasn't good enough again so with my third I did not even bother asking anymore as I figured it MUST fit exactely into his vision and not in mine.

For me Google+ is a open social network and as much as I'm trying to "play nice" I got a bit upset that a very few people simply trying to rule all the photo themes. As said, fair enough, but that DOES NOT work for me in a open socail network at all.

Why does someone "needs" to control what other people wanting to do? Well, of course I heard many arguments this week that they just trying to keep the themes together, that we not having the same themes on one day, not to tight and not to wide and and and. To make it short - I'm not a big fan that someone is trying to control a open field - period.

So I started my list with ALL PHOTO THEMES on Google I could find. I got some great feedback from other photographers which wanted to start themes but backed up because their's weren't "approved" from the other list. How said is that? Approved? For what?

Well, I posted my list a couple of time and all it sudden there was a lot of stuff going on - when ever someone had a chance to go against me they did - fair enough BUT I don't think it should have gone as far as personal attacks and nasty emails (NOT from the people which doing the list!) against me. Not that this is bothering me AT ALL but I also saw that some of their "supporters" uncircled" me because of it - oh my - that is very small minded in my personal opinion! 

Not sure if I got something wrong or if this is the meaning of "open social networking" , maybe it is - but honestly: I don't care too much. I don't need the people which uncircled me - I want the people which circled me and which are interested in my photography - right? 

I'm here on Google+ for ALL the people which WANT to circle and follow me - for the others I don't really care. Politics with G+? Sure seems like it - doesn't it? BUT I never been diplomatic enough (or a good enough BS'ler) to be in politics. So far all of you which think politics are more important then open networking - PLEASE stay away from circling me.

BUT if you like what I post then PLEASE circle me and share what you think it good enough to be shared on your profile - I appreciate very share, 1+'s, comments or questions and I ABSOLUTELY DON'T care what color you are, where you live, what politics you prefer or what ever - all I care about is that we are honest and open when it comes to sharing on G+.

I know I will be "slaughtered" now after publishing this blog, maybe even loose all my "friends" on G+ but again, I can't care less because they are not friends - they play politics, and I'm not into it at all. If you think I'm right with this then please share this post.

If you think I'm right with my opinion then please share this post, +1 it or whatever - this blog post today is my personal fight for freedom on Google+ and especially my fight for a uncontrolled photo theme environment on G+, uncontrolled for ALL photographers and not only for the ones which play the politics.

That is my opinion and nobody can't take it away from me! I waisted too much time this week defending myself against those attacks - these are my last words when it comes to those google+ photo theme lists!

Aus, Basta, Amen - 

Photo themes on Google+ are absolutely great to connect with others, to find a certain theme of picture, find new friends and for THAT it does not matter if only 5 people contributing their images or if 500 people do. Already for that reason I believe it can not be controlled in any way by anyone!

The SIMPLE difference for the existing photo theme list is that I include ALL photo themes, while the other lists are controlled from 2 people!

Here is the link to my list of ALL Google Plus Photo Themes.

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2011-10-11
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