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Twilight Toronto City Skyline

View at the impressive Toronto city skyline at twilight from Centre Island in Ontario, Canada.

Illuminated Toronto Skyline Twilight Reflections

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First of all...I'm not the biggest city or skyline friend at all but being a travel photographer it is a part of my work. To photograph the impressive Toronto skyline at twilight is one of those city duties I don't mind. For those which may not be that familiar with Toronto, it is the biggest city in Canada and is located on Lake Ontario in the Province of Ontario. The big tower you see is the CN Tower, the owner claims that it is the world's tallest building and free standing structure (I'm not really sure if this is still correct), the nicely lit up "tent" beside it is the famous Rogers Centre and Stadium.

Photographing the Toronto skyline at dusk or twilight means normally for us that we already have 6-10 hours of photographing behind us, so getting ready for the twilight picture also means to finally slow down a bit. Normally we are having big lists of objects we need to photograph, because light is not always THAT important to that list we don't rest during the day. We usually pack up all our equipment early in the morning and don't return to our hotel or camper till late night. This also means that we walked by the end of the day somewhere between 10 - 20 Km and that we simply worn out by that time (maybe the 20 Kg+ equipment has something to do with it). That's why we always looking forward to the magic twilight because it also means that the day is almost over (if we don't have any night shots lined up, whcih we normally do).

Anyway, Toronto is one of those skylines which I don't mind to photograph, especially not from Centre Island. The island can be reached via a beautiful and enjoyable ferry ride. On the Island you just need to find a good spot, maybe one which is not occupied by 30 other photographers (one of the reasons why we hardly ever go there in high season). There is plenty of room and good spots which offer a nice clear view of Toronto for a good picture.

I love to photograph the Toronto skyline at twilight because of the unique reflections you get in the foreground on Lake Ontario, they always add something special to the shot. I recently did a multi layer panorama from this point as well, the panoramia is 2 GB large and I need to render it again as the stitching software had problems with the reflections in the foreground. I will show you the panorama as soon as I can afford to leave my computer behind for hours just to render this massive but very gorgeous panorama.

When you on vacation in Toronto make sure to get over to Centre Island, it is also a impressive skyline picture even during the day.

My tip for you to photograph the Toronto skyline:
Make sure you arrive at Centre Island early enough to make sure that you get a good spot before the "wave of twilight photographers" arrives. Be careful if you want to put your tripod into the water, the wake of boats can be quit big and maybe moves or at least "vibrates" the tripod.

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-07-28
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