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Transient Killer Whale Breaching British Columbia Coast Mountains Sequence

Sequence of a breaching (jumping) transient Killer whale (Orca whale, orcinus orca) in front of the British Columbia Coast Mountains, Canada.

I'm so fascinated with this sequence of the breaching (jumping) transient killer whale (Orca whale, Orcinus orca) that I need to share it with you. The amazing parts are all in the detail, the way the water runs off and of course the detail of the pectoral fin (see the screenshot below). When you click on a picture it will open up - under the pic is a link to "enlarge picture", that is giving you a xl version of the picture.

It is fairly rare to capture a jumping orca whale, especially in a sequence. I'm very happy that I had my camera ready for this one and I guessed where the whale were, of course I had no glue it would jump, seems like my reaction time is still ok as I started the sequence fairly early. The most important part to get the shot was probably my experience I collected over many years and many hundreds of hours on the water following whales, especially Orca whales. But with all knowledge, all experience, right equipment, right light, right guess which whale may do something special, the right conditions ( not too big waves, wind etc.) it also needs a BIT OF LUCK to get those shots.

The sequence was shot with a Canon D7 with a 2.8/300mm lens. One thing many don't think about is that at the aperture of 2.8 I have about 14cm!! to focus, at a moving target from a moving boat.

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Breaching Killer Whale Sequence 1

Breaching Killer Whale Sequence 2

Breaching Killer Whale Sequence 3

Breaching Orca Whale Scenic British Columbia Coast Mountains

Breaching Killer Whale Sequence 5

Breaching Killer Whale Sequence 6

Breaching Killer Whale Sequence 7

Breaching Killer Whale Sequence 8

Breaching Killer Whale Sequence 9 End

pectoral fin

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-12-13
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