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Snowshoes Mountain Scenery Banff National Park

HDR Photo: Pair of snowshoes sticking out of the snow beside Mistaya Canyon within the beautiful mountain landscape of Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

snowshoes mountain scenery

HDR - Red snowshoes in winter scenery, Banff National Park, Alberta

I'm just going through my archive to find something for #TonemapHDRTuesday on Google+ and to write my blog about it. I had a very long day, very busy but I want to make sure I have my blog ready for you tomorrow morning.

I took this image a couple years ago on a short winter trip to the Canadian Rockies. We (my wife Michelle & I) only had about a week and part of it was assignment so we didn't really had a lot of "creative playtime" for ourselves. The one day we planned some shots for us it was all cloudy and overcast, simply boring, so we decided to add some colors with our snowshoes (standard equipment in winter) which we had with us. It didn't make the light any better but at least we had something to play. And then I thought about a HDR (High Dynamic Range) and the washed out light was ideal for it. I could shoot right into the sun and still would loose only some of the highlights in the sun - but that is fine because it is a small part of the picture.

To make it short, we played a lot with the little light we had and created a nice series of shots snowshoeing on a typical winter day as well as some nice scenery and landscape shots. I will post more over time here, when ever I find the time to process them.

The location was at Mistaya Canyon, a very busy place in summer and very very quiet in winter. In fact we have not seen anyone down here all day long - it was beautiful!

HDR Photo: Red snowshoes in winter beside Mistaya River in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery on a typical winter day in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. (Canon 1Ds Mark3, 7 images, 0.7 exposure steps apart, rendered with PhotoMatix Pro)

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Author: Rolf Hicker - 2011-10-04
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