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Scenic Winter Landscape Mountains Waterfalls & Wildlife

Enjoying beautiful scenic winter landscape with mountains, waterfalls and wildlife in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.

Winter Lake Scenery Landscape Picture Banff National Park

Fall colors in winter landscape at Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ram Winter Wildlife
After the last 2 days of non stop driving (previous blog: roadtrip to Central Kootenay) we were happy that we could stay put in Waterton Lakes National Park at least till early afternoon, not that it is a lot of time but we had to think about returning home very soon as we ran out of time.

Today was "pay off day" for a very stressful and exhausting week, starting with the assignment in the Okanagan and then the long rainy drive, but today we had at least some hours to enjoy the scenic landscape in Waterton Lakes National Park.

he weather had not improved over night, it was still cold and the snow was still looking pretty fresh today. We had no specific plan for today, which does not happen too often, but we had some spots we wanted to visit in the park.

On the way up to Cameron Lake we saw a beautiful Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ram (Ovis canadensis) which looked very pretty in the snow. till we were up at the lake the weather changed again and we could watch the next storm moving into the mountains. it was the very first time that I was at Cameron Lake and nobody else was around but us.

Fall Colors Fresh Snow Waterfall
It was magic and we took this opportunity for a peaceful walk along the shoreline, the romantic part was over soon, it started to rain and snow just after a few minutes.

This opened up some time to do some exploring and it took not too long till we found a small creek not too far off the road, with lots of fresh snow we could not walk to far today. We walked the creek up and found a row of little waterfalls, one nice then the other, boulders covered with fresh snow and some yellow fall leaves. This was the end of our exploring today, we ended up spending 2 hours walking, photographing and enjoying this tranquil creek with its little waterfalls and fall leaves - gorgeous!

We believe that this Creek flows further down the mountain into our next photo stop - the Cameron Falls waterfall which is cascading over Precambrian bedrock which is about 1500 million years old. It was our last stop in Waterton Lakes which we left early in the afternoon, hoping we would make it to Banff before sunset. Waterton Lakes to Banff National Park  is another 400Km trip which we calculated 5 hours.

bout two hours into the trip we got hit again by a very heavy snow storm and a cold snap. We were at that time on Highway 22, somewhere between Lundbreck and Longview on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains.

The store hit so hard that we had to stop because of a white out, the wind and snow left us nothing but a white wall to look at and because this was not enough the roads started to freeze over and made the drive a nightmare, almost scary knowing that we were not really prepared for deep winter.

Precambrian Bedrock Cascading Waterfall Cameron Falls

After 6 hours we made it to Highway #1, a very large highway, but only minutes after we entered the highway we were sitting in a traffic jam, for another 3 hours till we finally arrived in Banff. The highway actually was closed due to accidents which happened on the icy road.

I'm glad we found an affordable hotel room in Banff, we crashed hard that night. From Banff we had to leave direct for home, which is about 1300Km away, plus a 2 hour Ferry ride.

We woke up to a clear sky early in the morning, did one more photo shoot at Two Jack Lake (it sure was worth to get up this morning again) which we enjoyed as it was the last photo of this trip, the last but maybe even the greatest scenic shot - we had everything, first sun on the mountain tops, fresh snow around the lake, flowing water in the lake and we still found some trees with some yellow fall leaves - the perfect end to an exciting trip!

In total we were traveling for about 14 days, from Banff, Two Jack Lake it took us 2 days (ca. 1300 km, 810 miles, + 1.45h ferry) till we arrived back home. 

It has been an amazing trip, not quit as planned, but exactly that makes our job so interesting. We had to deal with rainy days, lost production time but we were able to catch up by working very long hours for a week. at the vineyards in the Okanagan Valley. The fall colors we were looking for did not really show up but instead we got some beautiful, first snow, winter wonderland landscapes from Waterton Lake National Park. Our most exciting experience was seeing the elk crossing the lake in Waterton (blog: Animal Elk Hidden in Winter Mountain Scenery). And on the last day we even lucked out with clear blue sky, fresh snow and fall colors at Two Jack Lake - a shot which I'm very, very happy with

Winter Picture Waterton Lake Prince of Whales Hotel

Fresh snow in winter wonderland with Prince of Wales Hotel overlooking Middle Waterton Lake, Alberta, Canada

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Scenic winter landscape mountains waterfall & wildlife

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-11-05
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