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Road Trip Okanagan Monashee Central Kootenay

A long and rainy road trip brings us from the Okanagan to Central Kootenay, with a side trip to Rainbow Falls waterfall in Monashee Provincial Park.

Scenic Rainbow Falls Waterfall Picture

Thundering scenic Rainbow Falls waterfall in Monashee Provincial Park, British Columbia

Fall Colors Summit Lake central Kootenay
We were able to finish our assignment in the Okanagan Valley a day earlier then planned. After the weather turned rainy again we decided to leave Okanagan Lake. Our new destination were the Rocky Mountains in southern Alberta, especially Waterton Lakes National Park where we were aiming for more fall pictures.

After looking at a map we decided to take the "scenic route" with a side trip to Monashee Provincial Park and a photo shoot at the scenic waterfall "Rainbow Falls". This trip by itself added around 150km on gravel road to the "only 400Km" the map showed us between the Okanagan Valley and Slocan Lake in Central Kootenay, our final destination for today.

Winding roads and the Ferry over Lower Arrow Lake add's up to a very long and exhausting driving day, not much to photograph due to "no light and too much rain" along most of the drive but we enjoyed the side trip to Rainbow Falls where we spent almost 2 hours photographing and walking around this scenic and thundering waterfall.

Clouds Sunset Landscape Scenery Central Kootenay

We had a few breaks in the clouds once a while but most of the day it was raining, actually poring down pretty hard. Just as we arrived at Slocan Lake we found some colorful sunset clouds above the lake which was a great "pay off" for a long day on the road.

Next morning we left early, knowing that we still have about 700 Km to go, which should take us 8-10 hours till we finally arrive in Waterton Lakes National Park, also known as the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. It was another nasty driving day, heavy rain all day and in higher elevations we even hit snow storms.

Our high hopes for some nice fall color pictures were fading fast but we still pushed all day to be "in time" in the park - because you never know...

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Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-11-03
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