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Re-editing office scanner storage solution backup

NAS Servers, high end scanners and finding space for all of it.

office solution

Time to "re-edit" my messy office. After being on the road for years we found a place a little time ago we can finally can call a "base" and home. I never really had the time to set up my office since or even work on new pictures. We had too much to do with paperwork that we hardly done any efficient work for a long time. It is unbelievable how much paperwork is involved, especially in our case, we immigrated to Canada from Germany and New Zealand so we had to start from scratch. Simple things like getting a credit card have been nightmares up to date.

Anyway, after receiving our new Hasselblad X5 high end scanner, a new storage and back up solution (NAS Server), I'm finally forced to "re-edit", reorganize my office so I actually can use it efficiently long term (and may even find something in it).

Got quit a bit of new equipment installed, the newest extension to my office is the high resolution scanner X5 from Hasselblad. It is an amazing "machine", scanning RAW files. I got parts of my archive from Germany over and I can't wait to do some serious scanning. More about it in another post.

The other new  extension to my office is a NAS Server with 10 TB of storage. Puhhh, it took a long time to transfer everything but I'm sure happy to have a long term solution for my images. I know 10 TB won't last too long (got only 2 TB left) but the server is easy to extent. Quit funny how a machine can make me so happy, but after traveling for years with eight 2TB mobile hard-drives (including backup) it is very nice to have it all in one unit. Of course I have 2 more backups, one of them stored outside the house in case of....ahhhh, I don't really wanna go there.

Beside that I have 2 Macs, one is a older G5 dual 2.7 which is ideal for scanning and the main Mac, my workhorse is a Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2 x 2.8 with 16GB memory. Would be nice to upgrade my main computer, hdr panos can be a bit of a pain in the back part (2 GB files) but I hope I can use it a bit longer. After all the industry is not really booming right now and to spend another 10,000$ for a new computer would take a long term to pay for it.

Beside the macs I have a older windows laptop running (I admit - I'm NOT a windows fan at all!), I use that one for our webcam and weather station. I'm recording our weather data here and hope to be able to go a bit greener one of those years. I measure all normal weather data plus wind-run for a possible windmill and the solar intensity for possible solar panels. As much as I would love to go green, the prices are still very high and a "normal person" hardly can afford it  - yet. But if they come down I got all the data to make "wise" decisions.

So here we go - the office is finally re-organized and at least that part of our home feels like we have finally settled in. Summer was perfect timing too as business is always low in summer and we did not have to travel too much this summer.

Many other things keeping me extremely busy right now, building new websites, processing new images, preparing a film/photo productions and much more.

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-08-26
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