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New Function Extra Large Image Files

A new function which I really enjoy on my new website is the "view large version".

One thing which bugged me over many years about the Internet was speed. Because of speed we had to compress our files so badly that it was impossible to judge a good quality picture online as well as it was nearly imposible to show pictures larger then 500 pixels. Well, times changed and many of my visitors have a fast dsl internet line today.

Let me introduce to you my new large view of images, the size is 1200 pixels on the longest side.  This will give you a extra large view of a picture and it will reveal some of the details you would not be able to see in a smaller picture.

Please be aware that ALL our pictures you see are fairly strong compressed, otherwise the loading times would go crazy and you would not come back at all. You may see some artifacts, especially on those extra large views - these are of course not in the original high resolution file, but come in when we compress the image to show on the website. The colour of each picture also can vary a bit, I have to convert every image from my original colour profile (16 bit, ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB 1998) to a smaller sRGB colour space.

The extra large image view is available under almost every picture - look for the "view large Version" button underneath the picture and the related images (check out the screenshot underneath).

Unfortunately I still need a very large watermark, especially in the xl view - I hope to find a way to change this but at this stage I have to protect my work (which means food for my family). I can tell you 100's of websites which are using my images without even asking. Most of them don't even realize that those copyright infringements could cost them up to US$ 150,000. I spend hours EVERY day to write those people to educate them that those images can not be used without a license or an agreement. Many people think everything what is on the internet is free - this is NOT correct! Or do you go in a supermarket and just take off the shelves whatever you want and walk out without paying??

I'm a full time professional photographer - this means I have not other sources of income but my pictures, although I often allow non comercial websites to use my images, it still needs an agreement BEFORE they can be used. So if somebody is stealing my picture online, that someone steals directly food of our table! Yes, it is that simple!

In the next few days I will introduce you to more of our new features. I hope you enjoy the "large version" - let me know what you think about it and please leave a comment below my pictures or blogs. Thank you!

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Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-07-28
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