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Nature Seascape Landscape Monday

Time for an update and the introduction of #NatureMonday for beautiful nature seascape and landscape photos.

Mountain Range Coastal Seascape Scenery Picture

Finally I can update my fans, followers, friends and new G+ circler's on whats going on with us.

First of all I started a new "thing" today on my Google+ Profile - "#NatureMonday". What it means is quit simple, every Monday I will tag a new relaxing nature image with NatureMonday and hope that other photographers join. After a while I hope we will have a great list of relaxing nature images which all will be found here: NatureMonday.

Just a little over a week I started my profile on Google plus - wauhh, what a great tool to share photos, I'm blown away how fast the word spread, in the first week I had over 2000 people circling me - thanks a lot, I'm enjoying all your comments and +1's - please also share my website if you like it!

But there is much more happening. We are expecting our second baby in October! We are very excited, everything seems to be good so far and we can't wait to have someone for Daniel to play with - it will be very busy, times may even become tougher but I don't want to plan my family after stock markets and recessions, at the end of the day we are not 20 anymore. For all of you which followed us with Daniel - he is doing very well and developing so far very nicely, beside that we love him to bits it is great that all that work we (and some therapists) have done with him is helping him a lot. I will keep you posted over time whats going on.

Another "thing" keeping me extremely busy is our website We had really bumm luck with the site for many years, or let me correct this, with the programmers we used and are using. I will do another post about the details one day too. Fact is that we are finally almost ready to migrate the site onto our new, self developed (with professional programmers) custom web software. All this was planned to be done 2 years ago but unfortunately the company we are working with put us on the "back burner" after receiving larger contracts and we could not finished our plans. Mainly because of that delay we lost a lot of our income and traffic and there is a good chance that we even loose more when we migrate - till we hopefully recover, at least a little bit. The good part for you is that I'm finally able to show some of my new photos and I'm very excited about that! This also means I should have more time for new blogs too.

Hopefully next week I can post a blog - "we migrated".

The summer was very busy although we did not travel very much. At the beginning of the year we decided to open our "The Artists Point Bed, Breakfast and photo tours" on northern Vancouver Island and to run my private custom photo workshops here as well. I canceled all other workshops in Europe and Africa just to be home with my family and to teach interested photographers and beginners what to do with their cameras (beside showing them the beauty of this part of the world.

We were overwhelmed with the success. We put a website online in April 2011 and were basically booked for the full season (end of September) by end of May, both the B&B as well as the photo tours. We had an amazing summer with our guests and it was lots of fun to do my private photo tours from home but it also was very busy and a 14-18 hour day was normal. I must honestly say, it was way more fun and also more efficient for our guests from a learning point of view, compared with the larger workshops I was leading over the last 15 years.

If you are interested, some of our guests wrote reviews on tripadvisor about there experience here with us.

Beside all that we are scanning many of my film images on our X5 Flextight scanner, so far we scanned large format, medium format and my 6x17 panoramas - I can't wait to share them with you too. Of course before I can I need to find time to process them first.

I guess thats enough for today. Stay tuned...more to come.



Author: Rolf Hicker - 2011-09-26
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