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Merry Christmas

We wish all our friends, fans and customers a Merry Christmas & a happy new Year.

This is is the time of the year to slow down, to re-think AND to say:


We want to thank all our FRIENDS, FANS and HELPERS for helping us on production, visiting our photography website, leaving comments, writing us nice emails, looking at our pictures and...and...and...

We also want to thank our CUSTOMERS for using our pictures, photography is much more than just our passion. Our pictures are our daily bread and butter on the table (and some new diapers for Daniel as well), without our loyal customers we would not be able to produce beautiful pictures and/or to survive - it is that simple!

Full time professional photography is very tough those days, especially in the field of wildlife, nature and travel photography BUT we will continue and try even harder to survive those difficult years which I'm very sure will follow before it gets easier again.

Normally this time of the year we are busy in our little studio, yes, I always have done some studio work too. While still in Germany I had a fairly large studio, photographing stills, products and people, especially weddings, portraits and family shots.

Here in Canada we have not had the chance yet to establish a large studio to do the same, but we are still busy during Christmas time photographing mainly families.

This year everything is different for us. it is our first Christmas with our own baby boy Daniel. So we decided to close our little studio earlier this year as Michelle and I decided to photograph our own baby for a change, instead of customer babies. it was our gift for ourselves and for our parents, which unfortunately were not able to share Christmas this year with us. That is one of the prices we have to pay for being from different countries.

Anyway, we had our Christmas photo shoot with Daniel, for me one of the biggest challenges I ever faced in my studio! Babies are like wildlife - unpredictable - and because Daniel is not mobile yet it was even a bigger challenge. I will show you some of those very cute baby pictures after Christmas.

We need to take a few days off, it has been a extremely busy year, lots of big challenges, new challanges and it is time to sit down for a day or two and at least try to relax - have some quality family time, how we call it.

We wish you all, no matter where you are in this world,

Merry Christmas & a peaceful, healthy and happy new Year.

Your Hicker's
Michelle, Rolf and Daniel

Merry Christmas

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-12-26
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