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Gigapano Toronto Skyline Stunning

With this gigapano of the Toronto Skyline I start a new theme on Google+ - TravelPanoWednesday - showcase your best panos!

Toronto Skyline Panorama

Giga panorama of the Toronto skyline in Ontario, Canada

I love the photo themes on google+. I already started "NatureMonday" and "FlowingWaterFriday". Today I want to add another new photo theme to G+: "TravelPanoWednesday". The idea is simple, show your stunning panoramas, use #TravelPanoWednesday in the description and then your picture will be shown - hopefully we get a great collection of stunning panoramas together - you can find them all here.

My contribution today is a giga panorama I shot of the toronto skyline in Ontario. The original file has 1.5 GB. I'm not the biggest city fan to be honest but I must say that I love to take pictures of the Toronto skyline when I'm in Ontario. The view from Center Island is simply stunning and you hardly can fail from there to get a stunning picture. The streaks you can see left of CN Tower are planes, I thought I leave them in the picture to add more "busy city feel" to it. Make sure to check out the xl-version of this shot.

For this shot I used PTgui to stitch the panorama, 2 layers vertical, 9 shots horizontal, Canon 1Ds Mark3, 100 ISO, 15 sec/f8 @ 110mm (2.8/70-200mm).

I still have a few more which I would love to render but my computer power is not enough right now. Those panoramas will go another step up with 3 layers vertical, 9 shots horizontal, 5 exposure hdr, I will sure share them with you but first I need to upgrade my Mac.

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2011-10-05
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