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Free wallpaper, desktop background photos are now available for my high quality photos.

Nature Aerial Abstract Pattern Island Lake Superior

I'm very happy to be able to announce that my photos are now also available as 1024x768 FREE wallpapers or in other words as background photos for your desktop computer.

I also plan to offer soon larger wallpaper sizes like 1280x1024 and for very large screens in the size 1920x1080. This additional wallpaper option should be available by March/April 2011.

You can find the free wallpaper option underneath every photo which is available as a free wallpaper background photo. it is possible that this option is not available for every picture, depending on possible exclusive sales I made.

I'm busy creating some free wallpaper galleries for you right now.

The first couple wallpaper galleries are ready, you can check them out here: free nature wallpaper / free animal wallpaper.

There will be many more coming. In general I plan to open up the wallpaper option for every new photo I activate in the future. You may want to sign up for my free, New Image RSS Feed to make sure you won't miss any new photos and wallpapers!

In case that you missed my blog in the last few days - I also now offer free photos for non commercial blogs/websites.

Here is a screenshot on where to find the free wallpaper option - it is located underneath the large picture and the related photos:

screenshot for free wallpapers


Author: Rolf Hicker - 2011-02-11
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