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Free HD Computer Background Calendar

I'm very happy to be able to let you know that I'm now able to offer you FREE high definition computer background calendar photos (wallpapers) with an imprinted calendar.

october Free Wallpaper Calendar

While we are waiting for our baby, and I'm getting the feeling it is not taking much much longer, I'm trying to roll out as much news as I can.

After I already told you that we launched my completely redone website I got two more news today.

1. We finally launched our new Fine Art Shop for Canvas Wraps and Fine Art Photo Prints.

2. I'm now able to offer you FREE HD computer background (wallpaper) calendars - you will be surprised how "sexy" they look.

The free computer background calendars are a bit of a trial - it is a lot of work to make them up but I'm actually planning to have a new one every month. Unfortunately I also have to make a living so I offer the free wallpapers on a "be honest - donate what you want" basis to pay for the extra costs of server bandwidth and a bit of my time to prepare them. Lets see if they appreciated enough that someone wants to donate 1$ or $2 for a HD wallpaper.

A big thank you goes out to Florian, a German friend which is visitng us right now, he came up with the layout idea and put it all together for me - thanks Flo!

Here we go - thats it for today - and tomorrow I will have even better and greater news. We are working hard in the background to have something else - free - and really cool, ready by tomorrow morning (hopefully).

BTW - if you like the idea please feel free to give me a Google +1 by pushing the button on the right side - thanks!


Author: Rolf Hicker - 2011-10-13
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