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Flowing River Forest Fall Photo

I just scanned one of my favorite fall photo which shows the a flowing river in a beautiful yellow deciduous forest in Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia.

Deciduous Fall Forest Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Fall forest at Macintosh Brook, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia

For the new kickoff of my "#FlowingWaterFriday" on Google+ I just scanned one of my very favorite fall photos on our X5 scanner. It shows the flowing Macintosh Brook river in the deciduous yellow forest of Cape Breton Highlands National Park in northern Nova Scotia.

From now on, every Friday, I will add a new image for "#FlowingWaterFriday" - if you are on google+ please join me, all you have to do is to publish a nice "flowing water photo" and add somewhere in the description #FlowingWaterFriday.

I photographed this fall photo while I was still living in Germany. I was publishing many calendars those days and needed some more pictures of autumn. I only had a week time between trips and decided short term to fly to Nova Scotia for some serious photography. It was quit an adventure as it turned out later. When I arrived at the Halifax Airport my trip was almost over - the Immigration Officer said that I would not be allowed in the country because I would work, it took about 8 hours till that issue was solved. Unfortunately those things are happening once a while but a phone call to the tourism officials which actually asked me if I would like to come to photograph fall flattened the issue out in no time.

After I picked up my rental car the trip started but it was by far not the best I had. I had rain basically all week long, no matter where I went. Because of this I added 500KM a day to the car, just trying to get out of the rain. But if you can't beat the weather then you have to work with it. I spent most of the week inside forests, just to avoid as much sky as I could.

I decided to spent most of my time at Cape Breton in the north of Nova Scotia, the weather is unpredictable up there so I figured my chances for a 2 min weather break would be the largest up there - it was the right decision.

Fall colors were pretty much at the peak when I arrived and I did get some breaks from the rain, never for long but enough that I was able to get some really great photos like this one.

If you ever make it to Nova Scotia in fall, make sure to spend some time in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, it is an amazing place and very dramatic in autumn.

For the picture I used my Fuji GX680 - it was not a very comfortable camera to work with in the field but the lenses were very good and the 6x7 and 6x8cm format is hard to beat, beside that the tilt and shift worked like a large format camera. On top I used a polarizer to take some of the "wet reflections of the fall leaves and a neutral grad to bring the highlights down in the top background. Photographed on my all time favorite Fuji Velvia film (yes, the stoneage stuff we used earlier). I'm not sure about which lens I used, aperture and shutter speed (sorry).

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Author: Rolf Hicker - 2011-09-30
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