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Fall Denali National Park Alaska

One of the most beautiful places in fall season is Denali National Park with Mount McKinley in the interior of Alaska.

Denali Mountain Fall Lake Scenery Picture

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Probably the most photographed National Park in Alaska is Denali National Park with the highest Mountain in North America - Mount McKinley. No matter when I visited Denali, I always was very fascinated by the whole park with its stunning scenery, huge mountain ranges and of course the wildlife. I have been to Denali National Park many times but my favourite time by far is fall season. The autumn fall season is a tricky one to hit right, I had spectacular fall colors starting mid of August but most of the times when I was in the park the high of fall was mostly the beginning of September.

Fall colours are one thing in Denali, the other thing is the Big Mountain - Mount McKinley, over 2/3 of the year the mountain is not visible because of clouds. This means that you not only must be lucky by getting the timing right for fall colours BUT you also need to be very lucky to have a clear day.

I probably don't have to explain how happy I was when I got the right combination - once. Yes, so far with 4 attempts I got this unique combination ONCE.  I decided to show Mount McKinley and Wonder lake a little bit different. I decided to hike up the hill a little bit to show a little bit more of the tundra which surrounds Wonder Lake. If I recall right I used my 2/3 graduated neutral density filter to bring down the snow on the mountain a little bit better, by doing this I of course also gained some more details in the shadows and made the foreground stand out a bit more.

For myself this is still one of my favourite Denali National Park pictures, especially because it includes Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake...on a clear blue sky day...lucky me! Yeaaahh, it was worth it at the end to return to Denali over and over again.

I will show more pictures from Denali National Park soon, beside the stunning scenery and mountain ranges I also want to show you some of my wildlife pictures I shot here. Denali is a dream location for wildlife shooters, I don't think I ever had a day in Denali were I did not excited about abundant wildlife like Dall sheep, wolves, caribous, moose and of course the grizzly bears.

One tip for Denali National Park - try to get around high season. High season can be a mad rush in the park and often takes a lot away from the real wilderness experience. if you have a choice I highly would recommend spring or fall season for your visit, it still can be busy at times but by FAR not as bad as it normally is in July and August.



Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-07-28
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