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Exploring Vancouver Island Mountain Scenery Wooden Bridge

Exploring beautiful mountain scenery on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia and getting a bonus with an old wooden bridge.

Wooden Bridge Mountain Scenery Vancouver Island

On our last trip to the west coast of southern Vancouver Island, to Tofino and Ucluelet, we decided to do some serious exploring along the many wilderness logging roads around Clayoquot Sound. We were mainly looking for beautiful waterfalls along the scenic mountains as well as some ocean scenery for a new scenic calendar. We spend all day on pretty bad gravel roads, hiked a lot, found beautiful waterfalls like the Virgin Falls (will talk about it in another post), lots of mountain scenery and even a few deer.

After a long day out in the woods we decided to do our evening shoot at Kennedy Lake and an old wooden bridge we discovered in the morning. The bridge was heavily used during the big logging days in Clayoquot Sound and is closed today. Be careful walking on it, there a big holes and many loose planks on it.

We arrived early enough that we still had enough time to scout around the bridge but at the end I decided to use the bridge as a "leading into the picture element", I got down as far as I could to give the wooden planks a more dramatic perspective, without loosing the reflections in the water. As sunset was getting closer fog started to roll in from the ocean, softened the light and a couple fog patches gave the last needed features for a beautiful mountain scenery picture with an old wooden bridge as the main feature.

To balance the sky I used a 2/3 neutral split (graduated ND). The picture was shot with my Canon 1Ds Mark 3 on 16mm, 100 ISO, 1/2 sec @ f13.

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-08-03
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