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Coastal Rock Formations Scenic Sunset Kaikoura

Colorful sunset above the Kaikoura Range Mountains in New Zealand with scenic coastal rock formations adding to this beautiful coastal nature picture.

Mountain Range Coastal Seascape Scenery Picture

Long exposure picture of rock formations in the Pacific Ocean and a colorful sunset above the scenic Kaikoura Range Mountains
(view large photo: Mountain Range Coastal Seascape Scenery Picture)

No matter to which countries we travel, if there are locations to see whales or scenic nature we will not miss them. I shot this scenic coastal picture on the Kaikoura Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand. The town of Kaikoura is well known around the world as a ecotourism destination mostlt because of the Sperm whales and because of its amazing scenic nature setting.

When I was here the first time in 1992! (gosh, where did all this time go) it was a little town, not so well known. Today it is a "must see" destination, very well organized whale watching trips bringing one close to the Sperm Whales which hang out around this area to feed on deep-sea creatures - especially the giant squid.

Unfortunately most people leave right after the whale watching tours coming back without knowing that there is much more to see in this scenic region. We were out most of the day photographing Sperm Whales from the air. We came back fairly late and we could not make it to the planned sunset shot. Today I'm very happy about that because otherwise I would not have gotten this shot. it is one of my favorite picture from the Kaikoura area. it shows almost everything what makes this location so special. A colorful sunset above the scenic Kaikoura Mountain Range with its tallest mountain reaching 2880 meters (9450 feet), the Pacific Ocean and some typical coastal rock formations in the foreground.

Make sure you have some spare time to visit the Kaikoura Peninsula, it is a very interesting and very scenic place with many places to take great coastal pictures. There is also a big seal colony if you intersted in some wildlife photos of sea creatures. Don't forget to check what the tide is doing or you may get wet feet on the way back or you may don't sea any rock formations because they may be covered at high tide.

This picture was shot with my Canon 1Ds Mark II, 24mm, exposure was 15 seconds (for "soft" waves) at f13 @ISO50, in the upper 1/3 of the frame I used a 1 step neutral graduated ND filter to balance the exposure.

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-09-19
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