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What is this all about? Animal, nature, travel AND baby pictures?

I know, that is a pretty odd headline for a photographer. Big SEO approach? Keyword stuffing? Gone loopy??

Cute Baby Boy Infant Picture

NO - none of the above. Some of you who know me from back in my Germany days know that I also used to have a studio. Yes, a photo studio. Not that I could ever spend a lot of time photographing people but I actually always enjoyed it. I know it is hard to imagine that I was also pointing my camera at people, for sooo many years I've been for all my nature, animal and travel related pictures. Not even my newer friends could EVER imagine that I would shoot a portrait in a studio - are you kidding?

Ok, I admit that I've never been the best, most knowledgable or most talented studio photographer but I made that decision very many lightyears ago that I will ALWAYS keep on training myself in my profession and that is photography at the end of the day, which also includes studio and artificial lighting.

Sometimes I'm a little proud to be able to be a nature, animal and travel photographer BUT also to be able to do some studio work. There are not too many nature photographers doing that - and I do understand why. When you're on the road for 6 months a year there is simply no time left to have a studio beside that. Well, let me correct that, unless you are an artistic workoholic like I am (or you hire people).

So anyway...that said...I learnt a lot doing it. I met awesome people at weddings I photographed, I enjoyed when a young family walked into my studio to have their family picture taken and I sure enjoyed all those very few baby sessions I was honored to photograph. Baby pictures - oh cheeze, most frustrating, most heart warming, most "driving you insane" sessions I ever had. When photographing out in the field I'm depending on natural light which I can't control, with wildlife I depend on the animal which I can't control either (not in the wild anyway), in the studio I have controlled environment but "the baby effect" makes it the most challenging photoshoot ever.

A very young baby is unpredictable, even more then any animal, human being or what ever can be. But this also can change from one minute to another and the baby goes asleep - done, pretty much end of session for most parents. I totally appreciate great photographers who work with babies, and now, today I appreciate them even more.

Coming back to my headline animal, nature travel AND baby pictures...let me introduce to you our new family member and son "Daniel".

Daniel was born about 3 months ago, he had a bit of a rough time at the beginning, one of my many excuses why I have not been very active online lately. He is doing fine now and he is happy that dad (and even more mom) is not somewhere else "doing" that animal, nature and travel photographer thinggy. It is baby picture time for us!

BUT don't worry - I won't show too many. The very good part is that we were traveling sooo much in the last few years that I can finally stay home a little bit longer, to spend more time with my son and wife. I have so many pictures, so many stories to tell that I don't HAVE TO go away soon. instead of flying somewhere to teach people or being a photo workshop leader I can now do all that at home (which gives me more time with my son and wife, again - yeahhhh). We renovated a house and now run a Bed and Breakfast, or better a Bed, Breakfast and Photo Tours. In one of the most exciting areas I've ever been to - northern Vancouver Island.

Some of the reasons why we moved here is the amazing wildlife (especially the humpback and orca whales of course) and great nature and scenery. We have everything we need here for an exciting photography workshop. Having the bed and breakfast also gives us a better base for doing custom workshops, or one by ones as some colleagues call them. But more about that in another blog, because after was "baby picture" day.

Author: Rolf Hicker - 2010-07-28
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