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The complete free and uncontrolled daily photo theme list for Google+ which includes most photo themes.

Getting lost in all those great photo themes on Google+? Not anymore!

google plus photo themes

When I started out doing my own photo themes on G+ I thought there was only one list on Google Plus with photo themes. BUT I needed to ask for permission to start a photo theme, and I got denied, no matter which theme I suggested. I heard the same problem from other curators and decided to start this list with ALL photo themes on Google Plus.

This list is unbiased, free and uncontrolled in a matter that I list every theme somebody seriously wants to start.

I believe in open, honest and free social networking with no politics involved. These are the reason for this list of ALL PHOTO THEMES on G+.

If you like the idea of being open then please share the list and let others know about it. Many still think there is only one controlled list and wouldn't start a theme if they are not approved - that is simply WRONG!

I'm updating this list of ALL photo themes on Google every day (sorry if I miss a day or 2 once a while).

There are already theme lists out but not a single one which is listing ALL Photo THEMES.

If you start a new theme or curate one I have missed on my research, please contact me via my profile on G+ or use the submit form at the bottom of the page.

If you think this is a great idea to have one free list with all photo themes then please share it via the buttons on the right! THANK YOU!


Q: How do I post a picture, for a Theme?

A: Just add the photo theme tag to your description of the picture you want to contribute. 
(For example: #NatureMonday)  It is also a good idea to give credit to the curator.


Seascape Landscape New Zealand



Single Tree Nature




Panorama Toronto Skyline




Travel Photo Andalusia Cordoba




Flowing water waterfall




Sunset with dramatic clouds




Photo Bald Eagles Sitting on Log



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Author: Rolf Hicker - 2011-10-04
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